Writer’s Groups for Children

What is a Writer’s group?

A safe place to share your writing. A place to receive valuable feedback from other passionate writers who want to help you get better. A place to give valuable feedback, which helps your own writing to be better. A place where you will write books, journalist articles, blogs and so much more! A wonderful opportunity for friendship.

The Writer’s Group Workshop

Over a three-hour session – with a half-way break to treat our hard work – children will learn how to structure an age-appropriate novel. Yes – a whole novel!

This structure will then be applied to the child’s story idea, and the idea will come to life in words! We will write a chapter breakdown for their novel, which will be individually mentored by the tutor, and the child will leave with a perfected plan for their very own book.  

The novel will then be completed in the Writer’s Group component.

The Writer’s Groups

The Writers Groups comprises of five, two-hour sessions, in a small group of around 5 children. For older children, writing larger novels, there may be more, or longer sessions required.

The children work on one chapter per session, which they have written at home, according to our chapter layouts completed in the Workshop. Each writer reads out their chapter. This can be scary – even for experienced adults, but a kind hand will guide them through and even help them read if needed. Before long the confidence will come.  

After the reading, it’s feedback time. We move methodically through the group’s feedback one by one. Feedback must follow set guidelines (looking at character, scene, emotion, drama, and so on), which keeps it positive and useful in developing the story, and is carefully guided by the tutor. The feedback rounds finish with the tutor’s feedback, and with a look at what the writer will work on in their next chapter, at home, for the following week. Writers are encouraged to think deeply and provide feedback that will not double up with other’s comments – guided by the tutor, this is where different writing techniques will be learnt.

What do I have at the end?

A novel! There is the chance to have it professionally edited by the tutor, and printed, for an additional cost.

You also have the skills to now organise your own writer’s group, so you can continue writing and learning and producing work, forever. Very often, groups have gained such a wonderful level of trust and knowledge about each other’s writing, that they will continue alone. Or, we can facilitate more writer’s groups on different writing skills and areas for our writers.  Writer’s Groups are not just for novels – there are memoirs, blogging, magazine articles – so many to choose from!

Please contact us for further information.

Felicity has run writer’s groups for adults for 7 years, and worked in primary school with children in literacy for 9 years, as well as studying Early Childhood Teaching. She has a current Working with Children check and ABN.