Writing Workshops for Children, Tweens, Teens and Adults

Our creative writing online workshops are first and foremost about fun; about inspiring a love of writing and seeing where in the world your words can take you!

We do this by providing highly personalised workshops, working one-on-one with a professional writer and author, to write out your specific ideas into a book, poetry, short stories – all kinds of writing techniques, genres and imagination excercises can be covered. You ask for it – we will do it!

Choose from:


The Video Workshops are yours forever and are designed for you to watch, pause and write, watch, pause, and so on, meaning you can use it and reuse it to write many different books! There are options for ages 3 right up to adult. We have the Storytelling Video for ages 3-7, Write A Book Video for ages 7-adult, the Memoir Writing Video for 10-adult, and Be A Journalist Video for age 7 and above. See below for more info. $30 each.

One-On-One Workshops

These Workshops are a highly personalised, 1 hour session via FaceTime or Skype, organised at a time which suits you. They cover many topics, genre’s and writing techniques, such as: Slam Poetry, Creative Writing Fun, Plot Twist!, Blogging, Journo For A Day, Protagonists and Antagonists, Creating a World, Editing Essentials, Short Story Writing and Memoir. 1.5 hours for $100, or see below for discounts and specials.

Packages and Specials

Video + One-On-One 1 hour Workshop – $100

5 Workshop Package – get one Workshop half price!

10 Workshop Package – get one FREE!!

We take Creative Kids Vouchers! Apply for yours here, using ‘Away With Words’ as your provider. Please email before booking if you’d like to use your voucher.

But wait! I need to know more… Well, here it is:

Online Videos

The Storytelling Video is for children from age 3 to 7 – those wiggly little storytellers who may not yet be able to write fluently but love to get up and role play, make stories with their toys and sing songs. More info and to buy a video here.

The Write A Book Video is great for ages 7 to adults. This interactive video helps plan a whole Chapter Book, specific to your idea – with some slightly wacky fun involved. Here for more info or to purchase.

Or, the Memoir Writing Video, for ages 10 to adult, looks at writing techniques used in Memoir writing, using the examples of life right now, uplifting stories and personal stories. (More info and purchase here).

Try your hand at the best job in the world – Be A Journalist! In this video we take your favourite hobby or passion and turn it into a job. We cover all the writing techniques you need to be a sport reporter, food reviewer, entertainment writer, agriculture writer, tech report… The list is endless! (More info and purchase here).

Online Workshops

Journo For A Day

Does your child have a passion for a particular hobby, sport, music, movies, or arts subject?  The best job in the world is to write about your passion! In this Workshop we learn how to take our passion and write in a journalistic style… read more

Short Story Writing

How to make a Short Story (and win a Short Story Competition!). Short stories are great fun – quick, easy and exciting to bang out. Start writing a few and you’ll all of a sudden find yourself with a book’s worth! read more

Such A Famous Blogger!

Write all day, all month, all year on what you love, as we learn about Blogging content, the mechanics of length, frequency, images, and how to nurture your blogging ‘voice’. read more

The Story Superhero

Create the coolest characters on the planet!  We’ll explore The Protagonist – every story has one, he’s the guy, she’s the gal, we want to win in the end. We’ll look at the four types of Protagonist’s you find in all stories… read more

Wham Bam Poetry Slam!

Bring your BIG IDEAS, cool kid hat and we’ll raise the roof with our Slams! Take your passion for a thing; a person, place, that ‘ring-a-ding-ding’; Put the words down on the page, make it sage, without rage, let’s engage… read more

Plot Twist!

The dangerous, the delightful, the desolate and the delicious plotting which make our book a page turner!.. read more

X-TREME Editing!

Let’s finish those books and stories! Get ready to publish your writing on Amazon for Kindle. This Workshop class will includes free structural and detailed editing with by professional editor on your work to get it ready… read more


Writing our personal stories with flare and fun! Memoir is the most popular genre in publishing today. Everyone has a story to tell and writing about the thing you know the best – your experiences – is a great place to begin…read more

The Amazingly Awful Antagonist!

Bringing to life the character who is the biggest pest in your story… Ankle biting ant’s, pesky little brothers, that black masked man who is Luke’s father, parents who don’t allow video gaming… The inspirations come from far and wide in this class! read more

What In The World?

Creating the world for your story, using setting and scene, we’ll walk through jungles, climb frozen mountains, live in a zoo, play tennis on the beach… This Workshop is a little holiday, as we delve into all the weird and wonderful places we can make up to set our story in!  read more

If you have any other ideas your or your child would like to write about, let me know – flexibility and personalised service is the aim of our game!

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Felicity has run writer’s groups for adults for 7 years, and worked in primary school with children in literacy for 9 years, as well as studying Early Childhood Teaching. She has a current Working with Children check and ABN.

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