Children’s Writing Workshops

“It went so well. They spent a whole hour on it and are only about quarter of the way through the video clips. I think I will get an hour a day, for a week, from it!! They loved it – I had to ask them to stop writing and planning.I’d say it’s great for siblings or friends to do together as there was a lot of discussion and idea sharing- even though they are writing their own books.Thanks so much – it was nice to have a “lesson” taken by someone else!” (Meg Garrido, mum to 8 and 10 year old girls, on the Write a Book Video).

“Felicity is really easy to communicate with. She explains everything really clearly and has understandable ways of setting your story out. She helped guide me through every step of my book-from getting my ideas onto the paper to choosing my main characters; all the way to helping create the settings of the story onto paper. She makes writing feel like fun not hard work. Writing my book has been such a great exercise to further extend my writing abilities and learn tips and tricks from an expert.” (Remote Writing Workshop author)

“My daughter really loved it & came home super inspired!!! She’s started typing up Chapter 1 which is very exciting.” (Writer’s Group author)

“My daughter has done a couple of the Creative Writing Workshops which she’s loved. Felicity tells the kids at the Writing Workshops are not school (ie there are no boring spelling or punctuation lessons!) – it is fun and about being creative. And, by all accounts, it was definitely fun!  However – school has benefited too. Her marks in comprehension and creative writing sky-rocketed, without her even thinking she’d been putting in extra effort!  So, both mother and daughter love these sessions. Long will we continue!” (One-on-One and Writer’s Group author)

Life Story recipients

“Documenting my dad’s life story is something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it and had no idea where to start. Felicity took care of everything!  The only thing we had to do was think about anything specific we wanted included in his life story and the rest was up to whatever my dad wanted to share. Dad was surprised at how much he enjoyed the experience. He found Felicity easy to talk to and whilst he was a bit nervous to start, soon felt comfortable and no doubt could have talked to her all day! The story that Felicity wrote was so wonderful. She used his words and expression and was able to craft it into a perfect reflection of my dad’s life. She even unveiled details of his life that I had never heard before! I am thrilled to have my dad’s life and memories captured in one place and it is something I will treasure forever.  PS Mum is next!!!” (a happy Life Story client)

“Thank you so much Felicity, this is just what we envisioned and I’m sure it’s importance won’t be truly clear for many years to come yet, but we love Dad’s story! We appreciate your time, effort and patience.” (another happy Life Story client!)

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