A Wise Man and a Bright Star

The day began with the usual unsatisfying vomit; a dribble of bile in the cup of my hand and some in the loo. Not even Christmas Day, with all its miracles, could offer up a reprieve. I wandered out of our guest bedroom to see a quartet of teenage cousins slothing out of theirs.  FourContinue reading “A Wise Man and a Bright Star”

Where in the world next?

They say we all have a story inside us.  This piece of writing is inspired by a friend’s ‘inside story’ for a young children’s picture book, using a creative writing exercise to get it started.  The exercise is to list A-Z, and brainstorm a word for each letter, in relation to the theme.  My friend’sContinue reading “Where in the world next?”

The smell of safety

It’s enough to singe the nose hair. Or at least relieve my nasal spray of it’s duties. Is it alcohol?  My wine definitely doesn’t smell like that. Thank goodness, the old glass of patience. Astringent might be how one would describe it.  The AK47 of germ terminator’s, might be another good description. I’m talking aboutContinue reading “The smell of safety”