Practising Kindness. Kind of.

My late rising New Year’s resolution is kindness. Be kind, show kindness, kind, kind, kind. It’s everywhere – the new catch phrase to counteract narcissism generated in our age of the selfie.  Me me me it’s all about me, verses Be kind to one another. I should have been an anthropologist or psychologist instead ofContinue reading “Practising Kindness. Kind of.”

Back from the brink

“If left, the bacteria Molly has, can kill in a matter of hours.” I remembered, through a haze, that when we first arrived at Sydney Children’s Hospital at 1am that night which was to change us forever, they’d bumped a head trauma in order to operate on the pneumococcal infection in our tiny six month oldContinue reading “Back from the brink”

In hot pursuit of passion

So ladies, we’ve now “got it all”.  Someone burned a bra and we can be CEO’s, mothers, revolutionary’s, and expert children’s party crafters. But so many women are not happy with this. They are trying to cut back on hobbies, friends or even family in an effort to calm a chaotic life.  They meditate onContinue reading “In hot pursuit of passion”

A moment in London

As I cross London’s Tower Bridge on a crisp, Autumn English morning, the sun belts it’s rays through the pretty bridge turrets and they appear adorned by jewels. It strikes down shards of brilliance through the bars and ropes hanging onto the banner below carrying cars, two-storey red busses, and more like me, wandering. ThenContinue reading “A moment in London”

Man-sized Sandwiches

By Carly Rae. It was my first day of school in a small, country town in Canada. I was five years old and it was lunch-time, which would later become my favorite part of the day. All the children were excited to see what their parents had prepared for them, and what sugary treats mightContinue reading “Man-sized Sandwiches”

Rut wrenching

Lately I’ve been feeling flat, in a rut, like a bored old stay at home slob instead of mum.   First world problem, I know this. But how to fix it? Day in day out in the house with kids is one sure way to feel completely hemmed into a rut. I keep saying toContinue reading “Rut wrenching”


I chatted with the Asian owner of our corner store the other day, about what she thought of last week’s ABC story on slavery in Australia. It showed workers underpaid by $30,000 each while the company made $3 million, migrants who couldn’t speak English crammed into sublet flats, women subject to assault, and people operatingContinue reading “#ProjectChristmasFair”

Fashion Week turns 20

There is nothing like a fashion week. This week, Mercedes Australian Fashion Week turns 20.  Skating right over that large number, I will admit to being lucky enough to attend the very first one. In 1996, the Hordern Pavilion removed it’s show bags and hags, and pulled out some glamour, and a big handful ofContinue reading “Fashion Week turns 20”