Rut wrenching

Lately I’ve been feeling flat, in a rut, like a bored old stay at home slob instead of mum.   First world problem, I know this. But how to fix it? Day in day out in the house with kids is one sure way to feel completely hemmed into a rut. I keep saying toContinue reading “Rut wrenching”

Kicking goals

In this big wide world, there was once a little boy who was crippled with shyness all the early years of his life. While his friends were climbing trees and playing on swings, this little boy would cry behind my legs, with an intense fear of being social. In later years, it would be suggestedContinue reading “Kicking goals”

Finding Inspiration

I’m sitting here looking at a white piece of paper on the computer screen, thinking about how I can blog about getting inspired. I Google it.  Apparently, finding inspiration is all about appreciating life mindfully, experiencing nature and great people, and looking at life through the wonder of a child’s eyes.  One of the thingsContinue reading “Finding Inspiration”