For our daughter

Twinkle twinkle little starSee this child she will go farUp above her joy so brightFor good things, she’ll always fightTwinkle twinkle little starWatch this child she will go far. Twinkle twinkle brave young girlKicking balls and loves to twirlStarted life a sick wee bunnyAbove the pain she’s always sunnyTwinkle twinkle brave young girlIn a worldContinue reading “For our daughter”

Hip hip hooray #healthyhipsweek

When I was young, I would curse my hips because they wouldn’t make my legs and feet turn out like my amazingly beautiful ballet teacher. If they would only do their job then I would look just like her – despite the fact I had brown short hair, was a plumpa-lumpa and nothing like herContinue reading “Hip hip hooray #healthyhipsweek”

A Wise Man and a Bright Star

The day began with the usual unsatisfying vomit; a dribble of bile in the cup of my hand and some in the loo. Not even Christmas Day, with all its miracles, could offer up a reprieve. I wandered out of our guest bedroom to see a quartet of teenage cousins slothing out of theirs.  FourContinue reading “A Wise Man and a Bright Star”

An Ode to the Moon

My husband walks in, a deadly sombre look covering his face.“The astronomer, he’s….well, he’s pretty serious. Eccentric, maybe. The telescopes are worth over a million dollars each!” He shakes his head. “The kids…. I don’t know….” Now he looks sad, disappointed. My heart folds for him.  He’d booked this trip for us as a bigContinue reading “An Ode to the Moon”