Oliver Octopus and the Soccer Dilemma

Oliver Octopus storms off the field Giving the ball a good angry peg He is all crazy and cranky at soccer today Because arms don’t work as well as their legs Oh yes, he has eight, and you’d think that’s enough But, as all of his friends always say An arm has a hand andContinue reading “Oliver Octopus and the Soccer Dilemma”

The Birth of Benjamin Beetle

  Some children’s picture book writing… Illustration  by my son. Benjamin Beetle stretches his wings; Two rainbow coloured shields And flutters up into the sky Surveying the dry grass fields He’s just been born in Australia, you see It’s hot and full of sand And the first thing he needs, he decides, decisively, Is friends,Continue reading “The Birth of Benjamin Beetle”

Where in the world next?

They say we all have a story inside us.  This piece of writing is inspired by a friend’s ‘inside story’ for a young children’s picture book, using a creative writing exercise to get it started.  The exercise is to list A-Z, and brainstorm a word for each letter, in relation to the theme.  My friend’sContinue reading “Where in the world next?”