I Stand For Mercy

I stand for mercy.  We knew what that meant up til the early hours of this morning:  Forgive them.  Is that the most heartbreaking thing about this, today?  That forgiveness is not something humankind does?  That we do not look beyond the crime, to see the redemption?  Or is it the sense of injustice?  ThatContinue reading “I Stand For Mercy”

Where does the mercy lie?

Andrew Chan, and Myuran Sukumaran. Bali Nine Ringleaders. Opinion is divided, far and wide. Including my own. I read articles quoting Sukumaran’s artistic trainer, Ben Quilty.  Sukumaran, awarded an associate degree in Fine Arts, entered the Archibald, and is selling his work to raise money to finance another inmate’s life-saving operation. I was vehement heContinue reading “Where does the mercy lie?”