Remote Children’s Writing Workshops

We have three options for Remote Writing Workshops….

The first is a Writing Workshop Video. These are designed for you to watch, pause and write, watch, pause, and so on. They’re yours forever, meaning you could write many, many books! You can also share them with the whole family. The Write A Book Video is great for ages 7 to adults – click here for more info or to purchase. Or, the Memoir Writing Video is great for tweens, teens and adults (more info and purchase here). Check out the short clips below for a sneak peak…

Purchase your Children’s Write A Book Workshop video here!

Purchase your Memoir Writing Video here!

By the end of these Video’s, the writer will have a fully-formed chapter plan of their personal book idea, or understand important Memoir Writing techniques and have written Memoir Vignettes. From there they can go forth and complete the work in their own time from there! The Video’s are $30 each.

However, if you’d like help to complete your book, here is Option Number 2: Purchase the Video, then receive professional, personalised feedback as the writing progresses until the work is complete. This option also includes a professional edit of the book at the end. The additional cost is $70 – meaning you can use your Creative Kids Voucher for this complete package!

The third option is a totally interactive experience, using FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp for face-to-face real time Workshop and mentoring. These are run the same way as the in-person One-on-One, Duo and Trio Writing Workshops. They can be highly tailored to the writer’s desires, with everything from fun creative writing exercises, to guidance on writing the book to your specific idea or plot, and much more (here are some ideas). If you have a very young writer, there are many ways to get creative using this option – we can role play the characters in the book, draw scenes and settings, or they can tell me the words according to what the workshop teaches them and I can type them up as we go, emailing them to you at the end. Please contact me for tailored prices for this option. You can also use you Creative Kids Voucher for this option.

Technology has revolutionised remote workshops for kids… We do it in colour nowadays.

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The beauty of the Remote Workshops is that they do not need to be constrained to a class timetable – they can be conducted around the busy family schedule, in the comfort of the child’s own space. No need to add extra running around for parents, and you can time it for when your child is best ready to be creative.

Remote Workshops can cover anything your child or children wish to – here are some examples of genre’s or techniques for inspiration. Or, very popular in Remote Workshops, is Writing a Book, explained in detail here. Also popular is a Workshop to prepare for writing competitions (we can help you with where to find one). And every child who completes a Workshop has the chance to be published as a Guest Blogger on A Way With Words if they wish to – a great way to share your clever creativeness with family and friends!

Contact Us here if you have any further questions!

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