One-on-One, Duo and Trio Writing Workshops

NEW! ‘JOURNO FOR A DAY’ workshop. Do you have a fashionista in the house? Or a sport-mad sports reporter?  The new ‘Journo For A Day’ workshop takes your child’s passion or interest, and turns it into a career! We’ll decide on the day’s newsworthy theme as The Editor; we’ll illustrate the images as The Stylist; and we’ll write the articles as The Journalist. I’ll bring all my insider info to the day from my many years on the Sydney Morning Herald sections covering fashion, food, entertainment, shopping, even cars and sport. Contact me via email or the contact form if you’re interested. The Workshops will run in small groups as per below.

One-on-One, Duo and Trio Workshops

These Writing Workshops are the personalised option – an opportunity for your child to work very specifically on their writing work or passion project, with a professional, published writer.

All genre’s and techniques are available to explore in these Workshops (see some of these ideas for inspiration!).

Many children wish to write a book, and this is the perfect place to learn how to structure their wonderful idea into a whole book. At the end of the first session, your little writer will have a fully-formed Chapter Plan. They can write the whole book from this by themselves at home – but most come back for more guidance and writing fun! They can either continue in the personalised Writer’s Workshop options, or bring their work to the Writer’s Groups each for group and individual mentor feedback.

The One-on-One Writing Workshops are great for our generously-creative kids who are overflowing with ideas, and for those who are very serious little writers! They are also great for children who might find large groups intimidating, and are perfect for those living remotely (this runs via FaceTime or Skype).

The Duo and Trio groups have been developed because it is more fun to write with your friends or siblings! It is also very motivating for the children to keep writing together after they leave the Workshop – they bounce ideas off each other, encourage each other to keep going with their book, and know each other’s story intimately so are a great team for feedback. They have their very own Writer’s Group on tap!

These Workshops are also great for those who wish to write poetry, short stories, enter competitions, write memoir, learn the art of journalism, and to use writing therapeutically.

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