Gifts with a difference!

Give the gift of respect this Christmas – show how much you admire a loved one by giving Gift Voucher to have their life story written by a professional journalist. Beautifully boxed print packages available. Present your child, tween or teen with the gift of opportunity – a Gift Voucher to write their first novel!Continue reading “Gifts with a difference!”

Fires they are a burning

Fires they are a burning, churning, disconcerting, Mother Nature’s fury learning, earning the respect. Respect the big and little, one’s age-twelve, do not bear When they light a fire, bring in ire, make things dire, Bringing lost love close to the wire. May they walk with those burnt bodies, change their bands, hold their weepingContinue reading “Fires they are a burning”

Nice Naomi Campbell

The life stories of celebrities are often well known. It’s finding the untold, ‘essence’ of the person which makes the story interesting – and it’s no different when writing the life story of the every day, non-supermodel person in our midst. “Five minutes and she’ll be there….” says one of Naomi Campbell’s three security guardsContinue reading “Nice Naomi Campbell”

Do you know what a tractor pull is?

Well, neither did I till I went to the Woodstock Memorial Show. It’s LOADS of fun, really, something you’d never see unless you went to a country show. You’ll find yourself cheering and holding your breath as if it were a neck and neck Holden-Ford Grand Prix. You must do it. And there is theContinue reading “Do you know what a tractor pull is?”

Is this The Lucky Country?

Once there was a place, Australia was its name And being the Lucky Country, was its claim to fame. It was girt by sparkling sea, golden soil across the Isle, Land of opportunity, wealth for toil, an easy smile. This land abounded in nature’s gifts, beautiful, rich and rare, But as I stand here andContinue reading “Is this The Lucky Country?”


My firstborn chokes and wheezes. Watching her, my soul is strangling inside, like a twisting, sucking drain.  We sit on the sand at Shelley Beach, in the heart of God’s Country.  With us, is my twin sister, Sky – the two of us born on The Second Day. And, our younger brother, ‘Man, born onContinue reading “Soulwater”