The Super Student

Last week, my house turned quiet as four children left the nest in anticipation of the school year ahead. Three skipped home again, full of chatter, smiles and laughter about friends, teachers, lessons and new beginnings. Positively BEAMING sunshine. One slumped in cranky. Wobbling on a knife-edge of tears for hours. Crying. Sleepless. Silent. DARK.Continue reading “The Super Student”

An Australian Bushfirey

Here’s my story… I grew up with an RFS dad, living in bush, with one road in and out from our house.I had Christmases wondering if dad would come home alive. Felt like EVERY Christmas in my childish memory.It felt like things were on hold over summer but I don’t remember worrying about the presentsContinue reading “An Australian Bushfirey”

Fires They Are A Burning

Fires they are a burning, churning, disconcerting,

Mother Nature’s fury learning, earning the respect.

Respect the big and little, one’s age-twelve, do not bear

When they light a fire, bring in ire, make things dire,

Bringing lost love close to the wire…

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Do you know what a Tractor Pull is?

Well, neither did I till I went to the Woodstock Memorial Show. It’s LOADS of fun, really, something you’d never see unless you went to a country show. You’ll find yourself cheering and holding your breath as if it were a neck and neck Holden-Ford Grand Prix. You must do it.

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