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Thanks for joining me.  I’m a journalist, lifestyle writer, former fabulous fashion and beauty editor and now blogger and novelist upon all things fascinating about this big old world of ours.

The blog explores issues I think are important and should be put in a book – everything from the life-giving properties of red shoes to stopping human trafficking.  It documents the journey from stay at home motherhood, to fabulous authoress. And sometimes it’s just writing for the love of.

Also on here you will find the extra-ordinary stories of the seemingly ordinary person. But they’re not ordinary at all, are they? Our strengths, weaknesses, ability to juggle a child and a home, or bravery in war, are all things we can be inspired by, be healed by, and just generally feel good about humanity. If you have a story you’d like written, please do contact me.

So, let’s pop on our very clever looking reading glasses and get on with the job.

Felicity Lenehan.

Things I’ve done, Places I’ve been…

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, fashion and beauty writer and stylist.
Irish Times, UK, travel writer.
The Mirror, UK, sub-editor.
Bucharest Daily News, Romania, columnist.
Australian Women’s Weekly, beauty editor and celebrity writer.
New Woman, UK, beauty editor.
Drapers Record, UK fashion industry B2B, fashion and news writer.
TNT Magazine, UK, style columnist and travel writer.
Bucharest What Where When, food reviewer, travel writer, lifestyle columnist, associate editor.
https://www.lifewood.com.au/  World leader in premium interior: Website copy and SEO
https://www.catarinaliving.com.au/ Property Development. Website copy and marketing materials
http://www.mamamia.com.au  Parenting and lifestyle stories: Features
http://makeuwell.com.au  Health and parenting products: Blog copy and press releases
http://www.citysearch.com.au  Lifestyle content (food, drink, entertainment, fashion, beauty, weddings)
http://www.bechtel.com/ Worldwide Civil Engineering Firm: Intranet Copy development and layout
Mortgage Choice marketing newsletter, Sub Editor
Online Banking Review, Sub Editor
Retail Banking Review, Sub Editor
Bucharest What Where When, Associate Editor
Marketing and PR:
Wilkinson PR, public relations coordinator, health supplements and direct marketing companies
Bechtel International, marketing assistant, RFI, RFP coordination, global internal newsletter, intranet design, advertorial copy.
Faber Academy 2018 Anthology, Miss Molly. Published by Allen and Unwin
Sydney’s Best Cafe’s and Bars, reviewer 
Sydney’s Best Restaurants, reviewer
The Beauty Bible (UK), content edit.
For more information, visit me here:  Felicity Lenehan LinkedIn

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