The Super Student

Last week, my house turned quiet as four children left the nest in anticipation of the school year ahead.

Three skipped home again, full of chatter, smiles and laughter about friends, teachers, lessons and new beginnings. Positively BEAMING sunshine.

One slumped in cranky. Wobbling on a knife-edge of tears for hours. Crying. Sleepless. Silent. DARK.

We have worked hard on those wobbles for the past many years, yet still they come.

This time, we sat down and decided to write together…

Super Student – or “Soops” – could fly. This meant swooping into the front of the handball line so quick no one noticed. Or hovering high above lunchtime “friendships”, to see in fact there was a playground FULL of other options for fun. Flying meant that when the body began to shake, the breath became short and the tears started to burn, a deep breath would float Soops gently, softly up into the big blue yonder, to roll around in the fluffiest clouds, and eat all the Tim Tams in the world. And, yes, Soops could fly away when “Times Tables time!’ was announced in class.

Eat my dust Times Tables!

Ole Soops also had a smile which was magic. When it began to rise and open up, teeth beaming out, everyone around this smile would also smile, because this magic smile made them happy. Happy makes happy. Happy makes you strong. Happy makes you a handball MACHINE! This magic smile had all these tricks inside of it! It even made the teacher stop teaching Times Tables. What a magic smile. Soops was always surrounded by happy laughing skipping people.

And, Soops was the kindest student EVER made. The kindness was purple and filled up Soops’ body so much it sprouted out the top as purple hair (which was allowed under the Uniform Code for this one student only). The purple kindness was so crammed in and radiating out that it acted like a shield of strength all around Soops, and nastiness just bounced right off! Kapow! But better than that – it was a shield and a magnet – because suddenly really awesome friends were drawn and stuck solid to Soops from all over the place.

Purple-haired kindness – BOOM!

Then, to write the story…

Today was going to be the BEST day in the history of the WORLD at school…

If you have a little one that loves to write, Story Superheroes, with fun creative writing exercises on Character is on soon – spaces are limited, more info and book here

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