2020 Children's Writer's Group Workshops

Peruse the Writers Groups below, which are three hours of fun-filled creative writing, group feedback and personal tutor feedback – maybe some drawing, maybe some role play, maybe even some silly physical exercise to get our brains going… But what the kids can definitely count on, is a whole lot of WRITING FUN!

** Book 5 Workshops for $450. Book 10 Workshops GET ONE FREE! **

JANUARY 25, 2020, 2-5pm

Crank up the Story Machine!
Brainstorming ideas and structure for a book.

$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

FEBRUARY 27, 2020, 2-5pm

The Story Superhero!
Creating the coolest characters on the planet.

$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

MARCH 28, 2020, 2-5pm

What in the World?

Creating the world for your story, using setting and scene.

$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

MAY 2, 2020, 2-5pm

Good things come in Small Packages
How to make a Short Story (and possibly enter the Pittwater Short Story Competition! Individual mentoring included for competition entries)
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

MAY 30, 2020, 2-5pm

Me Me Me-Memoir
Writing our personal stories, with flare and fun.
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

JUNE 27, 2020, 2-5pm

Wham Bam Poetry Slam!
Bring your BIG IDEAS, cool kid hat and we’ll raise the roof with our Slams! $100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

JULY 25, 2020, 2-5pm

The Amazingly Awful Antagonist

Bring to life the character who is the biggest pest in your story.

$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

AUGUST 29, 2020, 2-5pm

More Me Me Me-Memoir
More personal stories, more flare and a lot more fun!
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2020, 2-5pm

Plot Twist!!
The dangerous, the delightful, the desolate and the delicious plotting which make our book a page turner!
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

OCTOBER 24, 2020, 2-5pm

Such a Famous Blogger
Write all day, all month, all year on what you love. Be a guest blogger on A Way With Words!
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

NOVEMBER 21, 2020, 2-5pm

X-TREME Editing
Let’s finish those books and stories! Get ready to publish your writing on Amazon for Kindle. Includes individual editing with a professional editor.
$100 for 3 hours. Book Here.

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