The Birth of Benjamin Beetle


Some children’s picture book writing… Illustration  by my son.

Benjamin Beetle stretches his wings;

Two rainbow coloured shields

And flutters up into the sky

Surveying the dry grass fields

B Beetle
Benjamin Beetle, by Oliver Lenehan ©

He’s just been born in Australia, you see

It’s hot and full of sand

And the first thing he needs, he decides, decisively,

Is friends, to make his life grand  


He sets off out upon his mission

Wondering what will be his fate.

He spies some buzzing around a light source

And thinks, “That’s my kind of mate”.


Mary Mosquito sees him coming

And grumpily turns away from him;  

Not a smile, a wave, nor even a hello

To welcome our poor little Benjamin.


All the other mozzies turn away from him too,

Buzzing close up to the light;

They’ve got their cranky pants on today

Pulled up high and tied up tight


Benjamin flies sadly to the ground,

A little tear upon his cheek

Then looking about he spots Adam Ant

With his troop marching to the beat


“Hello, I’ve just been born here,

And I really need a friend”

Adam looks at him without stopping

Frowns, and marches on round the bend.


Our Beetle sighs and looks up to heaven

Sadly wishing he not been born,

But then he sees Daryl Daddy Longlegs

Looking also very forlorn


“Hello?” Benjamin asks unsurely

Daryl’s sad mouth sinks lower down

“What’s the matter?” asks our Beetle

“Humans! How I wish I was a hound…”


“…All they do is swat or squash us,

“They’re scary!” says spider Daryl.

“Oh dear,” weeps Benjamin Beetle

Trembling and hiding inside a barrel


“Yes, stay away from them I would”

But just as he starts to enthuse,

Daryl screams and swings off on a web

Leaving Benjamin upset and confused.


“I give up,” he thinks, as he turns to leave

“On this friendless life of failure”

But then shadows loom all dark above him,

A spaceship landing in Australia?


“AH!” he cries and the insects look over

And all scream in fright as well,

As a human child comes toward our friend,

Trapping him under a clear plastic bell.


“HELP! HELP!” screams Benjamin inside the bell

Flying round and round in fright

“Get me out! Please! No not a human!”

But there is not one friend in sight.


From behind the curtain they are watching

Frightened for the newcomer’s fate

“A bug catcher!” cries Daryl

Adding, “I warned him far too late!”


But something strange begins to happen

As they watch the scene down on land,

The human child puts our Benjamin Beetle

Very gently upon his hand


“Hello my Christmas Beetle,

I do love it when you come,

Because you tell me that very soon

Will be all the Christmas fun!”


Benjamin smiles up at the human

And the human smiles right back

Then Benjamin looks up to Mary and Daryl

And Adam on the curtain track


“Go my little Christmas friend!”

Says the kindly human child

And Benjamin flies up to all the others

Who finally look at him and smile.


“You’re brave! You’re clever! You’re a miracle!” they cry

Playing safely under a warming sun

And ever more, our brave Benjamin Beetle

Has a grand life of friends and fun.


Felicity Lenehan 2016 ©





Published by felicitylenehan

Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

8 thoughts on “The Birth of Benjamin Beetle

  1. great story, I was not sure he was going to find a friend, but a happy ending. Lovely darling. Of-couse the illustration is tops.

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