Month of Mini-Motivation


I sit here, looking at our sudden deep water frontage and a river knocking at my back door after rain so voluminous who knew the world could produce such a thing. I have four kids on school holidays jailed inside the house and never enough food.  Opposing this, I also have that New Year thing swirling about in my body – you know where you want to change something, refresh life with a deep cleansing breath, or complete a much-desired-to-be-completed task. I’m trying to get motivated to get into writing again, after a holiday from it. My task to complete is a big structural edit of 100,000 words – it’s that part of my fabulous authoress’ job which is something new to learn, but also, from this angle of having yet to begin, appears like it could be tear-jerkingly boring.  

I look up motivation on TED and surprisingly, there is nothing on there to fix my problem. How dare they!

However, I do come across something which germinates an idea.

30 days of something new (

Ah pfft, I’ve tried that, thought me, as I get a 5th round of breakfast for the children who are behaving in a manner which is not at all conducive to grand or refreshing ideas.

 I’ve tried 10 minutes of mediation a day.  I’ve got my writing every day thing sorted. I’ve spring cleaned the springs right clean out of the house. Etc Etc. Where do I find a refresh on the motivation front within these good, but old habits?

As I lock myself in the bathroom, yelling out the the word “cleaning” to the children (a word which usually makes them suddenly busy or pretending not to be there) in an attempt at some peace and quiet, it comes to me:  How about 30 days of spending some dedicated time outside?

Sounds simple, and like something I should have been doing all my life.  But we all know that it’s easier said than done. General life and busyness just seems to get in the way all the time.  

A good time to start is the school holidays, when routine is banished and the best thing to do is get kids outside.  These holidays I will follow them out, rather than relish in a stolen moments peace in a quiet house.  (Really Felicity? Yes: Really).

We were just blessed with a wonderful bit of family travel where, although we had the comfort of a nice hotel, we made the most of our time in a beautiful place and got outside. Even if it was just sitting and watching the outside, instead of the TV.

Well, Australia is a beautiful place too. Perhaps I can recreate some of that holiday freshness. Be grateful for what I have. If nothing else, the wide open sky and rawness of mother nature gives you moments of that big perspective on life. And hopefully some motivation and inspiration! (now I’m remembering this blog post – Finding Inspiration)

I think I’ll try and do some, if not all, of this outside time in my own backyard.  So that when school goes back and life ramps up again, I have the best chance of continuing the routine. I’ll need to think of things to do in my outside time – ‘cause just looking at the weeds ‘aint gonna cut it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Gardening. I love it but never afford myself the time
  • Sitting in our new outdoor chairs – bought, surprisingly on New Year’s Eve, for the purposes of relaxing in our own outdoor space – this ‘outside’ idea has been germinating a while now, I realise. In our chairs I can read, write, watch my kids, look at the sky, feel the sun’s warmth in my bones, perhaps even snooze (oh, hang on, I’m a parent – closing your eyes indicates to children they are hungry even though they just ate 72 kilos of meat).
  • Play soccer with my kids
  • Play basketball with my kids
  • Swing on the swings with my kids
  • Lay on my new beach towel my mum bought me for Christmas 

    Just missing a cocktail
  • Picnics and dinner outside
  • Board games outside
  • Morning coffee outside


  • Who knows what else!

Are you coming? 

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Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

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