Rut wrenching

Lately I’ve been feeling flat, in a rut, like a bored old stay at home slob instead of mum. timeforchange  First world problem, I know this. But how to fix it? Day in day out in the house with kids is one sure way to feel completely hemmed into a rut. I keep saying to myself, when Master Fourth and Final goes to preschool for his two days a week next year, I will be fine, the rut will be gone.

A week ago I went to talk on human trafficking, by an organisation called The Freedom Project. As mentioned in the past, after seeing this first hand when we lived in Romania, I’ve pinpointed this as my thing – my mission, my cause, whatever you want to call it.  And currently I get active with it by writing about it in a yet-to-be published book… because, you know, I don’t have much time to contribute too it any other way at the moment. 

The talk was downright inspiring – heartbreaking of course, but the work they are doing is phenomenal. I came home and emailed the CEO to offer my writing help.  All “in the moment”.

It took him a good few days to respond because he was, I don’t know, maybe out plucking 6 year old children with guns from a war field and stuff.  And by that time, my enthusiasm had tucked itself right back up into that rut.

I got an email.  We’d love your help.

I thought:  Oh, I can’t really fit it in. I still have a toddler at home, four kids under 9 years old, a book that needs to be perfected so it can go to publishers, blah, blah, blah.

Then I thought; No.  You told yourself you should never do this. This, is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. EXACTLY the opportunity.

Plus you just announced to everyone that you are blessed and lucky. Can’t announce this then turn away the needy. No, no, no.

So I replied. (Possibly, after a glass of wine).

And we spoke on the phone – wild and unpredictable toddler shouting “poohead” in the background, as he is prone to do.

What a good idea for a toddler shouting poohead while you're trying to appear to be businesswoman of the year.
What a good idea for a toddler shouting poohead while you’re trying to appear to be businesswoman of the year.

I’m aware my business skills need a whole lot of polishing and I was – and still am, nervous. 

But you know what?  “Poohead – how beautiful. How blessed this little one is to have the freedom to say that and make people laugh, and be loved and to have a future which looks pretty darn happy…” And we will take you as a mum with all your trappings, you are right for the job, they said.  

We talked about me going to meetings to represent them, the big picture of what we can achieve together, me getting a business card with a big fancy title – even the possibility of travelling for them – GAH!  But most importantly, it will be doing something which sparks my passion.  Invigorates life.

I can hear my mum worrying from here; that I’m already too busy to fit this in.  But, I think that term busy is always relative.  If you love it, if it inspires you, it never feels like work or busy. The more of something you’re passionate about, the better. And it will be like rocket fuel for my writing inspiration.

And so, I threw myself right in.

Rut, goodbye.

SAHM boredom, goodbye.

No inspiration to write, GOODBYE.

Hello, my own Freedom Project.


Published by felicitylenehan

Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

4 thoughts on “Rut wrenching

  1. I am really happy for you darling, you have been called to do this and I think they are very lucky to have you. Time will find you and you will find time.

  2. when that job needs doing it is the busiest person who takes it on and achieves fabulous outcome, just like you Felicity

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