Being a Fabulous Authoress in the School Holidays

I’m on a roll, writing for at least an hour a day when the bubba naps. Chapters are being completed, and then – wahoo! – the whole second draft is DONE! Motivation is right up there in the heavens and I wake up every day thinking, I can do this!



I love school holidays, spending time with my four little people, cruising around, doing fun things, lots of silliness and laughing, pyjama days and all the rest. I am blessed to be able to do this, I know. The only thing which poses a challenge is continuing with my writing.

I wonder if I should just drop it while they’re off.  But, this time, the see-saw that is mother-guilt tips to rest on “They’re still with me, and they’re at home, so if I do a little bit of work it won’t hurt them”.  They’re good kids, and have come to understand and respect mum’s “work”.  So I have my plan: When the little ones snooze, the big ones can chill out with a movie, and I will write.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

I bounce out of bed on day one, which is usually pyjama day.  I can feel the creativity buzzing about, my mind full of all the things I want to write. We all begin the day slouching about in our PJs.

And then it starts. Pulling the blanket off each other, fighting over who’s got the most lounge, rumbling, whingeing and bickering – sheer tiredness from a full on term of school erupting. I try and glide above it, soothing, consoling, mediating, being understanding. I look longingly at my empty chair next to the computer and think, I’ll be with you soon.

My head is crammed, full to the brim of noise and requests.  I can’t even think of what I need to do next which is probably as simple as get breakfast. So, at about 8.30am, I lock myself away, yelling “Cleaning the bathroom, poison, poison, have to shut the door” and breathe in the silence. And perhaps some Domestos fumes.

A short while later I am out and focussed again. Once more, my mind is buzzing with my main characters, which is what I need to work on now in my book. However, there are four other little characters who have something different in mind.  The noise has continued while I’ve been on my little Domestos holiday, and elevated.

I know that a good rest is in order for these children so, calming everyone down, I set them up with food, drink and a movie which all ages should like to watch, and pop bubba down for his nap. I announce it is time for me to write so please DO NOT DISTURB. “Yes mum, we know,” they all look at me, snuggled down and calm, like the angels they are.

I wade through the toys, circumnavigate the Mount Everest of washing, and test my will power in ignoring the feral dishes covering the sink.  I breathe in the silence, and sit at my computer. 

And there it is, a Fabulous Thought!  Fingers poised, ready to explode it out – when four pairs of hands come from nowhere to grab at the computer paper under my feet, asking me to print off colouring pictures, then get pens, then get more pens because “they’re my special ones”, help with the colour detail on Tinkerbell, spell ‘transformer’ out loud, then I duck a paper aeroplane, make an origami race car, get more food for everyone (how much can these kids eat in the holidays?), and suddenly realise there is silence because all mouths are full, so I sit down to write said Fabulous Thought which was…  

Fabulous thought

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Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

One thought on “Being a Fabulous Authoress in the School Holidays

  1. Hopefully you can start again tomorrow!!! Hope you didn’t do too much Domestos but more “funner” things on holidays!!!

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