Mindfulness and meditation.  It helps a world wide web worth of things, especially, I am told, with writing. Writer’s block? Meditate. Creative juices goneski? Meditate. mindful tree

So I have decided I need to learn it.

Especially at the moment because I have four little ones who are behaving like someone else’s children. You know, that naughty toddler throwing himself on the floor screeching in the middle of the school tour?  Or, the child with the I’d-never-let-my-child-speak-to-me-like-that mouth on her? You see what I mean – not my children, clearly, imposters.

Emergency meditation needed, toot sweet.

So, this week I’ve have given my new mission a start. I set my intention (Guru Google told me this would be a good idea):  To learn and practice and feel the benefits of meditation, mindfulness or, let’s face it, just plain old numbness will do.

And here is how we have progressed.

Strategy number 1.

Meditate first thing in the morning. I set my alarm – because that’s peaceful? – and am awake before the kids.  So I lay there, as still as I can, in the darkness, in my nice, warm bed: Clear mind, clear mind, clear mind, blank space, I see nothing, I need to vacuum the floor, oops, I see nothing, I feel nothing, except a little bit of panic because writers group are coming here and I know there is a years-worth of pasta under the high chair. Oh, clear mind, clear the mind, blank space, feeling nothing, clear the mind, clear the floor, running out of time, what time is it?

Look at phone. All over.


Strategy number 2.

You can find moments to meditate whilst going about everyday life, I read. So I decide to cook dinner mindfully.

Chop, chop, chopping carrots, very orange, carrots. Chop, chip chop. With a blunt knife. Chopping beautiful carrots.

“MINE!” Hefty, two year-old limpet, pulling my skirt off. “LEASE. LEEEEASE!”

Now potatoes, peeling potatoes. Stroke, stroke, peel, peel, goodbye old skin, hello fresh flesh.


Peel, peel, peel.


Plop, plop, place lovely potatoes in boiling water. Or maybe throw vigorously. And maybe burn thyself.

Stop mindfulness to administer first aid.


Strategy number 3.

Meditate using a yoga DVD, at night, after the kidlets are in bed.

Sun salutations, up down, breathe. Up, down, breathe. Now this is a bit easier.

Twist, floaty music, twinkly voice lulling me off, twist the other way, breathe. Ahhh.

“Stupid computer, this Windows 8…” breathe, blocking out. Twist and breathe.

“Do you know where the internet security disk is? Those kids taking things… Stupid Windows 8…”


Triangle pose with hands over ears. Breathing into the tight areas – TAP TAP TAP, “Do you know where the-“

Give up, drink wine.



In this week of meditation, I sent my daughter to school dressed for Whacky Wednesday on Tuesday, left my pram in a carpark, forgot an appointment, and wrote a chapter of my book that makes no sense at all – wouldn’t even be able to use it for Whacky Wednesday. Mindfulness = Forgetfulness.

So, perhaps not an entirely successful start. But I think I will continue to try. 

Any tips for this mindless novice?






Published by felicitylenehan

Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

13 thoughts on “Mindlessness

  1. Keep trying sista! even one minute to just consciously breath in and out is better than nothing. Then build on that. This made me laugh, its so my life right now too. X

  2. I don’t have any tips – your “attempt” at meditation sounds very similar to mine. Have had some success by attending meditation classes. But alas I don’t have time for those anymore!! However after a somewhat trying weekend your blog gave me good belly laugh! So thank you xx

  3. great read and too familiar. I too have tried unsuccessfully to meditate at home to relieve stress but find it impossible to clear my mind.

  4. That sounds so much like my life, it is uncanny! Too funny. Let me know if you find anything that works (that doesn’t include a week away)😌

  5. I do the 5/5/5/5 thing. Breath in for 5 somethings, hold you breath for 5 somethings, exhale for 5 somethings, then repeat 4 more times. Your degree of exhaustion/ relaxation/coma, will depend on the length of your “somethings.” Dad.

  6. Love it – I too thought of you, Frank, when reading about the blocking out. You were so good at that.

    Felic – have you got a ‘breathing ball’? Google ‘Hoberman sphere’ to see what I’m talking about. We discovered this in a kids yoga class, and now the girls use it when they need to stop, and breathe. If you got 5 of them, you and the kids could all breathe together. “In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth …”.

    Yes, keep trying, that’s my best advice. I’ll lend you Ariana Huffington’s book, ‘Thrive’. She write a lot about wellness, and gives some practical tips. She also talks a lot about the benefits of getting enough sleep, which I’ve been trying to achieve lately.

    Oh yes, borrow Phil’s fitbit if he doesn’t wear it overnight – you can program a silent alarm. Much more peaceful way to wake up!


  7. Breathing ball… Sounds good!! So long as they don’t start playing soccer with it! Love something I can do with the kids, but the yoga I’ve tried just appears to produce wins and therefore turn it into a giggle-fest!!! Xxx

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