Where does the mercy lie?

Andrew Chan, and Myuran Sukumaran. Bali Nine Ringleaders.

Opinion is divided, far and wide. Including my own.

I read articles quoting Sukumaran’s artistic trainer, Ben Quilty.  Sukumaran, awarded an associate degree in Fine Arts, entered the Archibald, and is selling his work to raise money to finance another inmate’s life-saving operation. I was vehement he should have mercy.

Then I was driving along, listening to the radio, and for some reason the words “ring leader” stepped out of the radio and up onto the platform of my high horse mind. Premeditated, not just accidentally there or a momentary slip up in judgement.

Then I read that Chan and Sukumaran are considered ‘low level players’, and the man at the top of their drug chain is living the high life in a mansion on Sydney’s foreshores.  He is well-known to police and remains free and able to continue his filthy dirty despicable murderous work.

I read that Andrew Chan became an Anglican minister a month ago. And I think, I hope this brings him some peace. If Indonesia, and 52 % of the Australian population won’t forgive him, God will.

Then I think about all those millions of kids those drugs could have killed.  All those families which would have been destroyed. It could have been my own. My firstborn, soon to be entering a world where this is real….

Then I dream about Chan and Sukumaran. Well, I nightmare about them, actually.

I dare to think about how I might believe Widodo is right to want to take a strong stance to rid his country of drugs.  If a parent should be consistent with a tantruming child, then should not a president with a law breaker? But I find a lump in my throat when I think of the penalty. And that is as far as I can think.

Right now, I am watching the announcement that the boys will be moved to the place of execution tomorrow. I look at the faces of those boys, and I wonder how you deal with the news, that, for something you did when you were a naive 21 years old, you will now definitely die. And very soon.

Now, what I think about, is those who love them:  Mum, who held that tiny baby in her arms., and Dad, who looked upon those small hands and wondered what amazing things they would do in their life.  Little sister who looked up to him.  Big brother, his best friend and superhero.

And I just cannot think any more.



Published by felicitylenehan

Felicity Lenehan Australia Experienced journalist, copywriter, sub-editor, editor and stylist, who has worked on newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, in marketing and PR, and for large and small corporations, internationally.

One thought on “Where does the mercy lie?

  1. Let me say from the start that I don’t believe in the death sentence. I 100% agree with your mixed emotions Felicity. 10 years ago I wanted the 2 young men to rot in prison. However, a lot has changed for Andrew and Myuran over the past 10 years as is evident by fellow prisoners wanting to take their place.
    What is to be served by their executions? They have been rehabilitated into caring, forgiving people. I pray that they are given a reprieve as I fear the ramifications of their deaths will do far more harm.
    I keep hoping it isn’t going to happen, but I believe bloody minded stubbornness will have it’s way.
    Diane Ward (aka Felicity’s Aunty)

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