Fires they are a burning

Fires they are a burning, churning, disconcerting, Mother Nature’s fury learning, earning the respect. Respect the big and little, one’s age-twelve, do not bear When they light a fire, bring in ire, make things dire, Bringing lost love close to the wire. May they walk with those burnt bodies, change their bands, hold their weeping … Continue reading Fires they are a burning


Nice Naomi Campbell

The life stories of celebrities are often well known. It's finding the untold, 'essence' of the person which makes the story interesting - and it's no different when writing the life story of the every day, non-supermodel person in our midst. "Five minutes and she'll be there...." says one of Naomi Campbell's three security guards … Continue reading Nice Naomi Campbell

Curing the Kids: The Woodstock Country Show

 If you ask me would I like to trap four whingeing children in a long car trip, my answer would be “Thank you, but I’ll take the Chinese water torture”. However, last weekend we did just that. As we left Sydney it didn’t take long for apparent third world-type starvation and cries of persecution about … Continue reading Curing the Kids: The Woodstock Country Show